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Welcome to the Martinsville-Henry County Democratic Committee!

All are welcome to join us at our meetings, at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month at New College Institute in Uptown Martinsville.

Call to Democratic Party Caucus
Virginia 7th State Senate District

1. Call. Pursuant to the Democratic Party Plan of Virginia ("the Party Plan"), the 7th Senate District Nominating Committee ("the Committee") hereby calls an Unassembled Caucus for the sole purpose of choosing a Democratic nominee for the 7th State Senate District ("the 7th District").

2. Caucus Rules, Forms, and Information. Caucus Rules will be posted, along with other pertinent forms and information about the nominating process, at Franklin County Democratic Committee Website ( Any changes to the Caucus Rules will be updated on that site.

3. General Participation Requirements. Each participant in the Caucus must be a qualified voter in the 7th District at the time of their participation. No participant in the Caucus may intend to support any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic nominee in

the General Election.

4. Voting Opportunities. Participants in the Caucus may vote only in person and at the following time and location (Note: Each voter may arrive during any time listed below, cast his or her vote, and leave.):

Saturday, June 3rd 10am till 2 pm

Franklin County Democratic Committee Office

527 South Main Street

Rocky Mount, VA 24151

5. Candidate Requirements. Each candidate for nomination must meet all applicable requirements of state law, the Party Plan, and the Caucus Rules. Each candidate for nomination must submit a completed Declaration of Candidacy form either by mail (Franklin County Democratic Committee, PO Box 153, Rocky Mount 24151) or email ( to the Chair of the Committee no later than Friday, May 26, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET. Each form must bear the original signature of the candidate. In addition, the candidate is asked to contact the Chair of the Committee advising the committee of their intent to file by calling or texting 540-238-7307 prior to the May 26th deadline. If only one qualified candidate files by the deadline the Caucus will be canceled. That candidate will then be requested to appear before the Nominating Committee for evaluation.

For questions about the Caucus, to request any accommodation necessary to ensure full participation, or to file a Declaration of Candidacy, please contact Don Vineyard, Chair of the Committee, any time at ( or 540-238-7307.


Virginia 7th State Senate District


1. All times shall be read from the official clock located above the check-in area.

2. The doors of the caucus room will open and the certification process will begin at 10 AM on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

3. The doors to the caucus meeting room will be closed promptly at 2 PM. Persons standing in line to complete a certification form at the time the doors close will be allowed to complete their forms and participate in the caucus. Participants will have their voter registration verified at the Registration table prior to voting in the caucus.

4. Every person who participates in the caucus must complete a certification form and sign a statement that says they are a registered voter, a Democrat, and that they do not intend to support a candidate opposed to the Democratic nominee in the next ensuing election.

5. The chair of the 7th State Senate District Nominating Committee shall act as the permanent chair of the caucus.

6. The chair of the Nominating Committee shall appoint a permanent secretary of the caucus.

7. Caucuses shall be conducted in accordance with the Virginia Democratic Party Plan and the Call to Caucus.

8. The permanent chair shall appoint a tellers committee.

9. Ballots will be prepared listing the first name, middle initial and last name of the candidate(s).

10.Caucus participants may vote for a candidate(s) by placing an “X” beside the appropriate name.

11.The tellers committee shall count the ballots.

12. Winner shall be determined by a plurality of votes cast. Tie votes will be determined by a coin flip.

13 There shall be no campaigning inside the caucus room or check in area. While buttons or lapel stickers may be worn, no candidate material may be distributed. Any material must be distributed outside the building in which the caucus is held.

14. There will be no Press or Observers permitted in the room in which the balloting takes place. ONE designated representative from each candidate’s campaign may be allowed to observe all processes during the caucus, provided that they have a signed letter from the candidate designating that person as their Authorized Representative.



I, ________________________________, declare myself a candidate for the

Democratic Nomination as a candidate for election to the office of Member, Virginia

State Senate, 7th District in the General Election to be held Tuesday,

November 7th, 2023. In making this declaration, I certify as follows:

I will not support any candidate who is opposed to a Democratic nominee in the

next ensuing general election;

I am a Democrat;

I am a registered voter in the district in which I am declaring my candidacy;

I am a resident


My permanent address is:



My Mailing address is:



My telephone numbers are:

(H)________________________________(W) _______________________________

(c) _______________________________

My e-mail address is:



Declaration received by:


Authorized by the 7th State Senate District Nominating Committee

VOTER PROTECTION HOTLINE 844.4VA.VOTE (844.482.8683 OR TEXT VoteVa to 2465

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