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Magisterial and Martinsville City District Chairs


The Magisterial and Martinsville City District Chairs, may also be an officer, are responsible for grass roots operations within their Districts to elect Democratic candidates. The Chairs will be a member of the Precinct Organization and Data Committee and will coordinate all election-related activities in their respective district.


A Magisterial or Martinsville City District Chair must be a full member of the Committee and must reside within the magisterial or city district they represent. At the following meeting of the full committee, the nominating committee will present the names of candidates to the membership.


A. Recruit Precinct Captains to work at Polls on Election Day – Precinct Captains(May also be a District Chair or officer) put out signs at precinct, ID voters who need rides within Precinct, work at polls on Election Day, and find others to help to work at polls on Election Day.

B. Find and Record locations to put campaign signs within District.

C. ID Events that would be good for the Committee to have a presents to do voter registration, voter education, have a booth with campaign materials, etc.



City District 

Collinsville District

Reed Creek District 

Blackberry District 

Horsepasture District 

Ridgeway District 

Iriswood District 

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